On this page, I will publish notes, essays, reports and other writings that have been produced by myself. The contents can be changed without notice or any form of reporting. Comments can be sent to me personally using the contact form.

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  • Machine Learning
  • Max-Trees
  • Visual Computing
  • Data Science

Introduction to Max-Trees

This introduction is based on the literature research on Max-Trees, that is part of my master's thesis "Detecting Astronomical Objects with Machine Learning".

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  • Regional Indicator Symbols
  • RIS
  • Web Technology


In this article I describe the intricacies and usage of RIS-codes and I present a codex of all possible combinations of RIS-codes.

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  • Berlin
  • Academic Freedom

The Academic-Industrial Dichotomy

In this paper, written during my time at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, I explore the relationship between academia and industry.

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  • Travelogue
  • Nepal
  • Kathmandu

Travelogue Nepal

This "travelogue" consists of the notes I made while traveling in Nepal in November 2018. I hope they give a clear image of my experiences.

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