General Information

I have finished my studies at the University of Groningen (UG) on Computing Science in 2022. During this time, I have specialized in Visual Computing and Intelligent Systems. Next to that, I have taken part in the honours programme High-Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) and I have expanded my curriculum by enrolling in the masters track Science, Business & Policy (SBP). Continuing to combine the domains of information technology and working on policy and business, I have signed up for the Dutch government’s traineeship programme on IT and information management. Here, I have taken the chance to apply myself as an advisor on IT related subjects and the National Archives and the Senate of the Dutch parliament, among others. At this moment, I am a project lead for information management at the Ministry of General Affairs; i.e. the office of the Prime Minister of The Netherlands.

Interests and Activities

Aside from my studies and professional work, I also like to challenge myself with project on the domain of computing science and information technology. This includes developing software, working on the systems that I use to deploy my software and other creative, digital work — graphics in particular. When the computing is turned off, I like to read (comic) books, watch movies and go for walks in the city or in nature.

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